Coffee Mug – Indexes and SELECT Queries

Sometimes I feel like I have become a kid again when I do a blog post such as today but it is indeed the best part of running a blog tirelessly for over 13 years. This morning I received a coffee mug with printed quotes of Indexes and SELECT Queries.

Harvey Powell who is a DBA from Lubbock, Texas is one of my close friends and often visits Asia for spiritual reasons. He often visits our family during his trips. Harvey recently saw my blog post about how indexes can negatively impact SELECT queries performance and was indeed stunned with the demonstration. You can also watch the video over here where I demonstrate the negative impact of Indexes on SELECT queries.

After watching at the video, he immediately called me to know the reasons behind the strange behavior of the queries with indexes. We discussed nearly 20 minutes about various aspects of the demonstrations and we had some intense conversation. Later on, he went ahead and watched Recorded Class of SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop.

After this, he has sent me a very simple but priceless gift. Here is the image of the Coffee Mug. I must say thanks to VistaPrint for shipping it such a way that it arrived without any trouble.

Coffee Mug - Indexes and SELECT Queries cupsidebyside-800x504

Harvey also sent me an image which he used for making the coffee mug. If any of you want to make the same cup, please feel free to use the image which Harvey has shared with us. Once you make your own coffee mug, do post the photo in the comments section as we would love to see how it came out.

Coffee Mug - Indexes and SELECT Queries indexes-800x299

You may click on the above image to open it in the new window and take a print out of it or upload it to print it. It is indeed fun to see how we all find time in our daily routine of being DBA and become kids once in a while.

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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