SQL SERVER – Maximizing Query Execution Plans On Screen – A Quick Tip

My most of the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check consulting engagement I do are online and I enjoy working on them when I am at home office and I have multiple monitors. However, I often travel to the customer’s location when my client wants me to mix SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop with Health Check. This is when I doing a presentation on my laptop and I need every single real estate on my small laptop screen. Let see a neat trick, I use to Maximizing Query Execution Plans On Screen.

SQL SERVER - Maximizing Query Execution Plans On Screen - A Quick Tip maximizeplan

By Default SQL Server shows the query and the execution plan in the same windows by giving 50-50% real estate to each of them. However, this is not good enough when you are presenting on a small screen or explaining the concepts to a larger audience. Here is the screenshot of how it looks with the default settings with SQL Server query and execution plans.

However, if you go to Tools >> Options >> Query Results >> SQL Server >> Results to Grid >> 

Now over here enable or check the following settings:

Display results in the separate tab >> Switch to results tab after the query executed.

Well, that’s it. It will show maximize the screen for you.

If you want more screen estate you can enable the following shortcut Shift + Alt + Enter to maximize the execution plan by hiding the toolbars.

Let me know if you use any other tricks.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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