Docker – Running SQL Server Image Without Running Pull Command

I have been using Docker for a while to run the latest CTP of SQL Server 2019 and it has been so far amazing ride to use the product. Every time when new CTP is released, I learn something new with Docker. This time I learn that I can just run SQL Server Image without running pull command. Let us discuss it in this blog post.

Docker - Running SQL Server Image Without Running Pull Command dockerimagenrun

Before you continue this blog post, I suggest you read two of my previous blog post before continuing this blog post so you can have a proper context of this blog post.

As you can read in the above blog post before we run any image we have to download the image with the help of the Pull command.

However, while I was downloading the SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.5, I decided to run the image directly without downloading the image first.

Here is the command to check the currently available container image on SQL Server.

Now we will directly run the image CTP 2.5 without downloading it. What I learned is that every time when we run any image it first checks if the image is available locally or not. If the image is not available locally, it will automatically download the image from the repository.

Once the image is downloaded, we can run the same command earlier to check the available container image and now it will show us the latest installed container as well.

If we run the container again in the future and if the image is already downloaded, next time it runs the container image instantly.

I am learning new things every day with docker and I am enjoying it.

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