DBA Fundamentals – 3 Performance Tuning Tricks you Always Wanted to Know

Today we will see a free online video which I did for DBA Fundamentals Virtual Chapters for PASS. The title of the video is 3 Performance Tuning Tricks you Always Wanted to Know.

Here is the abstract of the same session:
No one wants the slow performance of their application. In this session, we will learn about three performance tuning tricks which DBA must know to improve their SQL Server’s performance. We will understand what are those tricks, and how efficiently we can use it in just 50 minutes. We will explore various settings as well as code which will kill SQL Server Performance. At the end of this session, every attendee will receive scripts which will help them improve their SQL Server’s performance. This session is of intermediate level – you just have to know a little bit about SQL Server and a lot more you will learn in this session. The session is carefully crafted from the real world experience for DBA so they can learn tricks which can help them to improve their server’s performance.

In this session, I cover quite a lot of performance tuning concepts which I often encounter with my customers. You can go to this URL https://blog.sqlauthority.com/contact-me/sign-up/ and drop your email to get free performance tuning scripts.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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