Visual Studio – FIX: The ‘SqlStudio Profile Package’ Package Did Not Load Correctly

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I am not sure what changes I made in one of my Virtual Machine, but I was running into an issue. In this blog, we would discuss how to fix error “The ‘SqlStudio Profile Package’ package did not load correctly” while launching Visual Studio.

I checked into the file mentioned but didn’t find anything interesting to tell me the solution.


I search on the internet and found various solutions. In this blog, I would share the consolidated list of solutions.

  1. Based on one of the StackOverFlow link, delete below file.


  1. Rename below folders



  1. Download and install SSDT from below this link.
  2. Go to ‘Add/Remove Programs’ in Control Panel. Select “Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data-Tier App Framework”, right click and choose “Repair”. If you find more versions of it, do the repair for all of them.

For me, option # 1 worked. If you face the same problem, please comment and let me know which option works for you. If you find any other solution, please comment and share with others. We will be looking forward to learning from you.

If you face any error which is difficult to troubleshoot. Do reach out to us and we might have seen them earlier and can fix them pretty easily if we know the solution by heart.

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