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SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization is how I earn my bread at home. Lots of people often ask if I will be happy to teach them my SQL Server Performance tuning tricks and my answer is very simple – of course. I am always willing to help people learn about SQL Server Performance Tuning if they are willing to learn about the subject. I have created some Free Performance Tuning Videos.

SQL Authority News - Free Performance Tuning Videos freevideos

Here is the link to two of my free videos about SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization where I explain how to tune SQL Server Performance. For your convenience, I have included both the videos here as well.

3 Common Mistakes to Kill SQL Server Performance with Pinal Dave

In this video, I explain how three simple tricks help improve SQL Server Performance multifold by making few tweaks to configurations.


Here is another free learning video which I recorded for 24 hours of SQLPASS.

SQL Server Performance Tuning Made Easy

SQL Server Performance Tuning is not as difficult as many think. In this quick video, we learn it is much easier if you know what you have to change in SQL Server configurations.


If you liked my free learning video, you may always enjoy Practical Workshop for Performance Tuning (3-4 Hours). It is very much high impact and an action-oriented training session. The motto of the training is No PowerPoint, 100% Demonstration.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)


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