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Earlier this week, I blogged about Database Performance Analyzer – Table Tuning Advisors and I received quite a lots of request to elaborate more on the topic of Table Tuning Advisors. In the response to the requests, I have decided to create a video which explains how Table Tuning Advisors of Database Performance Analyzer works. To make it more realistic, I have also included a real-world problem one of my customer whom I have recently helped to fix their SQL Server Performance during Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

In the real world whenever I go to tune application which is running on SQL Server, there are a set of questions, I always ask my customers. Sometimes they know the answer and sometimes they do not know the answers. In any case, we have to build some kind of baseline and move it forward with tuning their system. Often it is very complex to tune queries as they require a lot of understanding of the customer’s business logic which was built during the last few years. The easiest way for an external consultant to fix any SQL Server Performance related issue is to focus on the tables which are troublemakers and do necessary fixes around those stables.

Table Tuning Advisor is one of my favorite feature of DPA as it guides us exactly where to focus and how to fix the performance issue. If you are interested, you can download Database Performance Analyzer and try out the features discussed in the video. Trust me I personally found DPA very useful product to monitor SQL issues and fix them.

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  • Looks very useful, great video! When I went to the website, I couldn’t find any pricing though. If I go to my client and say “Hey there is a great tool you should buy” they will ask how what the cost is. If I can’t give them an answer, ar at least a range, the discussion will end right there.
    Any idea on the pricing?


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