SQL SERVER – SSMS – Enable Line Numbers in SQL Server Management Studio

During the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, I never take access to the server. We always connect via GoToMeeting or WebEx. Due to the security issue, I always prefer that I never log in to the server directly but I always like to teach and guide DBAs who are working with me on another side, how to do SQL Server Performance Tuning. However, while I do this, I face often challenge when I am looking at the screen and tell DBA on the other side to change any specific part of the query. This is when I believe the trick of enabling line numbers in SSMS comes in handy.

Let us see in this blog post how will we enable the line numbers in SQL Server Management Studio. Line numbers can be very handy when the meeting is happening on the internet and different individuals are meeting together.

First of all, go to Menubar >> Tools >> Click on Options

Next, go to Text Editor >> Transact-SQL >> Settings

On this screen, select the checkbox which says Line Number

Now go back to SQL Server Managment Studio, Query Editor and you will see rows numbers.

I would be interested to know what is the current settings in your system for the line number.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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