Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Reviews and Feedback

I have so far received an amazing response to my online class Practical Real World Performance Tuning. As I am writing this blog post so far we have 37 reviews for this class. In today’s blog post we will go over a few of the reviews and feedback.

Practical Real World Performance Tuning - Reviews and Feedback practicalreview

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Now let us jump to the reviews of this class.

Review by sarneson  

Leave it to you guys and Pinal Dave to actually make this topic entertaining and interesting!!! This is the best class I’ve had for ANY IT topic. The content is 100% real world as it says. Stuff you don’t learn in school and stuff you don’t learn with years of experience sometimes either! Great job Pinal!

Review by Carl.Bondeson  

As they say the proof is in the pudding. Using techniques and queries from this class I was able to increase performance 3 fold, decrease the database size 2 fold. The primary lesson learned was throw out everything you thought you knew about indexing, (start from scratch..delete all your existing indexes..ugh) and most pointedly forget anything about index profiling you “learned” from Microsoft. These are paramount concepts in database indexing and are a must for every DBA or software developer.

Review by wickedscott  

Do yourself a favor and take this course :). It’s an amazing course and you’ll learn from the best. Thank you Pinal & Brent.

Review by Cindy Pieper  

This was a great class and I believe that Pinal did a great job keeping the class interesting and on track. He encouraged student participation and that helped with the learning process. I thought I knew exactly how indexes use was determined but learned a huge gotcha at the end of the class.

Review by Nicko  

This was a great class. Very informative and the pace was perfect. Pinal and Brent compliment each other so well with their completely different styles and humor. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in the topic of indexing and query performance.

Review by akommera  

My first Session with Pinal was amazing, go out with very clear way of understanding thing behind sql server. His demo was made simple, knowledge and he explains things with ease and funny way.Amazing Guy and will love to be part of his next sessions. I would definitely recommend his work and time and money are worthy spending.

Well, there are many such feedbacks. I strongly encourage you to go and read them over here: Reviews

If you want to attend the course, you can sign up here. (Only 5 days left when I was writing this post).

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