Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Games , Interaction and Feedback

If you are following this blog, you would be familiar with my online class Practical Real World Performance Tuning with Brent Ozar. The course was initially planned to offer for only 3 different times this year. However, due to a popularity of the course, we had offered this course so far 5 times. The course is very unique and there is nothing out there which is comparable to this course. Let me just highlight a few points which makes me proud every time I talk about this course. Let us discuss Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Games , Interaction and Feedback.

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Instant Replay

As soon as you sign up for the course, you can start watching the previous deliveries of this course. It is a very unique solution and there is no other solution out there which can start your live course as soon as you sign up. I have received amazing feedback of the same.

One Year Free Unlimited Replays

Real life is unpredictable and it can easily come in between your learning time. If you have an emergency at the workplace or home, you should not be worried at all. You can watch the replays of the course for one year from the date the live class was originally delivered. Absolutely, you can re-watch the live class unlimited time during the next one year and master all the concepts.

4 Hour – No PowerPoints & Only Demonstrations

Multi-days class can be often very much demanding for attendees. In the fast-paced work environment, quite often DBAs can’t find time to attend multiple days class for the whole day. It is nearly impossible for many organizations to let their lead DBAs to go out and spend days of learning when their database server and business is completely dependant on the DBAs. This course is built for the DBAs who want to learn fast and the most essential & important concepts of SQL Server Performance Tuning.

This concept of the No PowerPoints & Only Demonstrations is so much now popular that many other experts are also now following the lead. It totally validates our concept of No PowerPoints & Only Demonstrations

100% Real World Concepts

It took me over 7 years to build this course because instead of just a theory, which we can learn from any book, I wanted to build this course based on the real world scenarios which Developers and DBAs face in their real world. I carefully observed many SQL Server Performance Tuning experts and DBAs whose primary job was to make sure their SQL Server runs at optimal speed. Based on the numerous scenarios shared by experts, I have built this course, which is focusing on 100% Real World Concepts.

Games and Interaction

Have you ever get bored of attending any seminar or session or meeting? I am sure we all had moments where we feel training is very boring and there is no point to spend further time on it. Particularly online training can be easily very boring. I have decided to overcome this issue in my course by making it very interactive. During this course, we play two very important games which provoke your thoughts and keeps you awake during the entire presentations. The games are built with the help of “Game Psychologist”.  Each game is thoroughly reviewed with experts who understand how our brain works and carefully build such a way that you retain maximum learning from the course.

If you have never experienced the interactive games of SQL Server, this course presents the opportunity to you. Every individual is playing these games alone, we totally and truly encourage collaborating as well as cheating. In the real world, you can take help of Google, your teammates or your superiors. Just like that, you can consult anyone while playing these games online to get the correct answer. Again, this is a very unique concept and there is nothing like this out there in the training world. We strongly believe everyone who attended this course, will never forget the lessons we teach while playing games. I truly believe the amazing feedback which we have received is because these games helping attendees to retain the maximum learning.


While I am writing this post, we have so far total 37 feedbacks and each of the feedback is 5-star feedback.

Practical Real World Performance Tuning - Games , Interaction and Feedback feedback

Here is the screenshot of the last five feedback which we have received. You can read the rest of the feedback here.

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