SQL Server Performance Tuning – Upcoming Public Training

SQL Server Performance Tuning - Upcoming Public Training Practical_Real_World_Performance_Tuning-800x800 I frequently do various online and offline public training. Once the training gets over, I get a flurry of emails from various individuals that they have missed the last training and would like to sign up for the next training. Here is the list of my upcoming public training. You may sign up anyone you like or all of them!

Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Online – Worldwide

I am offering this training with Brent Ozar and it is my very first attempt to deliver online live training. When you are reading this email there are only 11 seats available for the upcoming June class. If it quite possible that I will not offer this training for the rest of the year and if you miss it now, you will be able to attend this training in 2019.

You can read my supporting blog posts here, here and video.

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SQLPASS Pre-Con: 21 Essential Scripts: Jump-Start Performance Tuning for Accidental DBAs – Seattle

In November this year, I will be presenting this in person pre-conference session. This quick-paced demo-oriented session will cover the real-world pain points for accidental DBAs who have keen interesting in catching performance troublemakers. “Accidental DBAs” are the real superheroes for any organizations. When no one in the organization volunteers to solve the pressing problems, accidental DBAs often jump-in to save the day.

You can read my supporting blog post here. Here is the code which enables you USD 150 discount for a general conference entry LSDISVWGY

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36 Scripts: Performance Tricks Jedi Master Wants You to Know – Antwerp, Belgium

In the month of May, I will be presenting a day-long learning session at Techorama, Antwerp, Belgium. There are some problems which have straightforward answers, but there are some problems which are often invisible or needs attention without even a problem statement.  This demo-oriented (storytelling narrative) a day-long session will answer the questions which DBA and Developers often wonder about Performance Tuning and Query Optimization.

You can read details about my conference here and watch a video.

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Free Online Session

I would be really happy I will be able to meet you online or in-person at any of the above session. If due to any reason, you are not able to attend any of the above session, well, you should not worry at all. Here is my online free training which you can watch at the convenient time.

Here is the link to the training where I explain 3 Common Mistakes to Kill SQL Server Performance.

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SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop

No PPT and all practical demonstrations. Fast Paced Practical Workshop for Performance Tuning. It is not regular multi days practical training, where user learns for many days and hardly utilize them in real life. Additionally, lots of organizations are not able to spare their DBA for 4 to 5 days training, which essentially turns to their vacation. It is extremely sharp, fast-paced 3-4 hours training, where we learn various real-world performance troubleshooting scenarios and their resolutions.

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If you want me to deliver any of the above training in your organizations or want to set up personalized online training, you can just send me an email at pinal@sqlauthority.com and we will continue our conversation.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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