Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Frequently Asked Questions

Earlier this month, I announced my very first online live training course Practical Real World Performance Tuning along with Brent Ozar.  As soon as the course was announced we received your overwhelming response. I am truly thankful to you to fill up the available seats very quickly. While I am writing this blog posts, we have very few limited seats are available. One the seats are filled up, we will have to close the registration. If you miss this opportunity this year, do not worry, you can always register in the future when we return again in 2019 or 2020.

During the last 2 weeks, I have received quite a lot of email asking various questions. I have been answering them individually. When I started to receive the same questions multiple times from different people, I decided to blog them here at one common place.

Practical Real World Performance Tuning - Frequently Asked Questions whichindex

Question: What is the ration of live demonstrations vs powerpoint slides?
Answer: 100% demonstrations and NO powerpoint slides. Absolutely none – well technically there will be one slide which will say we will no other slide and it will contain a link from where you can download demonstrations scripts. In the real world when we face any performance problems, we do not have the luxury to open PowerPoint and study theory. What helps us during the time of crisis are handy scripts which help us fix our performance problems. In this presentations, we are going to cover those handy useful scripts which you can use immediately on your server.

Question: What happens if we have any question during the presentations?
Answer: If you have ever seen me presenting before you would know that not only in person presentations, my online sessions are also very interactive. You are welcome to ask as many as questions you want to ask during the session. Brent Ozar and I both will be answering questions asked in our community slack.

Question: Is Brent Ozar really going to be with online during presentations?
Answer: Yes, while I present various topics, Brent Ozar is going to be online with us in our community slack and will answer your questions.

Question: When will we get all the scripts of the presentations?
Answer: Right before the presentations. All the scripts will be available to you right before the course so you can get familiar with the same before you jump into the course.

Question: What if I need to revise any content of course after the course is complete?
Answer: There are two options:
Option 1) We will record the entire course and it will be available to you to watch as many as times you want to in the next 1 year.
Option 2) You can attend FREE one live offering of the same course within the next 1 year.

Question: How long is the course?
Answer: 4 Hours. The course is very sharp and action pack, it revolves around real-world performance tuning scenarios and the solutions. I promise you that after the training you will be exhausted with the new learning but equally excited to get back to work so you can try out all of your learnings.

Question: Where can I read about Agenda and Module details?
Answer: You can read about Agenda and Module over here. Here are four major modules we will cover in this class.

Module 1: Indexing, Worst Practices, and Solutions (60 minutes)
Module 2: Optimal Server and Database Settings for Efficiency (60 minutes)
Module 3: WhichIndex – An Interactive Game with WHERE clause and Multi-Column Indexes (60 minutes)
Module 4: Mythbusters, Questions, and Answers (15 minutes)

Question: What about the WhichIndex game in Module 3? How will it help me?
Answer: WhichIndex is the interactive game that gives a new experience to teach you how to understand how multi-column indexes work with queries with multiple conditions.

This game follows the format of open book exams where every user begins with answers to the questions. Once we understand our solutions, we start our journey to this interactive game. At a different interval of this game, users have to answer the question WhichIndex to the quiz master.

In this self-scored game, the winner is the person who gets the maximum answers wrong. If you have not understood the basics of indexes and performance tuning concept, you will solidify that concept while we play this game.

On a side note – cheating is not only allowed but is heavily encouraged as well!

At the end of this game, users will have an understanding of three essential rules related to Indexes, which YOU will never forget.

Question: What if I sign up and can’t attend the training due to any reason?
Answer: We will be uploading the recording of each class. You can watch this course any time at your pace and reach out to us for any follow-up questions.

Question: What about the after course support?
Answer: You can also stay in touch with us in our community slack channel (we will discuss more during the class). Team Brent Ozar and I both are very active there and will do our best to help you out.

Question: Can I get any further discount?
Answer: The course is already at the discounted rate of USD 495. However, if you sign up for the course before March 31st and send me the registration details, you can avail FREE 30 minutes 1:1 consultancy with me, after the course.

Question: How do I sign up?
Answer: Here is the link to register for this course:

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