SQL Authority News – 11 Years of Daily Blogging – 4200+ Blog Posts

Today, I complete 11 years of daily blogging on SQL Authority. I have so far blogged 4200 blog posts on this blog. 11 years have about 4015 days and it seems that I have written over 1 blog posts every single day. Here is the blog post when I completed 10 years of SQL Authority.

Today, I have a very interesting story to share.

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When people ask what I do for a living, I always say I am a blogger.

The very next question, I receive often is – “Do I make enough money to feed my family?

I used to get disturbed during my early career when someone used to ask me this question. My immediate reaction was a bit aggressive where I start to justify how a blog is my passion and it generates income.

Today, when I hear this question, my reaction is actually absolutely opposite to my initial reaction of my early career.

I always reply – “Yes, it does help.

I have reached to the point where indeed blog, has become part of my life. It has been a habit for me to write one blog post every single day. My wife and 8 years old daughter check with me every day if I have written a blog for the next day or not. It has reached to the point where I do not write for money, I write for everyone who reads this blog every single day.

I am very thankful to receive such a huge traffic every single month. I wish I can meet all the million viewers who visit my blog every single month.

SQL Authority blog has given me everything, I have and the most important thing is – YOU my friend, who is reading this blog today!

Leave a comment, I would like to know your thoughts and I will reply individually.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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