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It is not possible that readers of SQLAuthority.com are not aware of the amazing tools built by Redgate. We all know that Redgate builds tool which makes SQL DBA and Developer’s life easier. We can eliminate human errors and improve our efficiency. Redgate software along with helpful tools also produces a very interesting content for DBA and Developers. I am excited to see that Redate has recently announced a new Community Hub.

I have been a follower for Redgate for many years and I have been a big fan of the community focused content they have been producing for many years. However, as the content was available at different places, it was a very difficult track it. I had to go to many different websites and URLs to read what is going on with Redgate tools and community. When I saw this announcement, I was indeed very delighted that now I can track everything in one place.

Think of a normal DBA and Developer, who usually do the following activities during his normal day:

  • Search on the internet for help
  • Read How to Guides for the products
  • Ask questions when they can’t find solutions
  • Seek out experts online
  • Check the calendar for SQL Events
  • Watch webinar during lunch time
  • Look for support for the new brilliant idea

To accomplish them, one has to go to many different places but now you can find all the related resources at a simple place the Community Hub by Redgate.

Call to Action – Checkout Community Hub by Redgate.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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