SQL Server Management Studio – New Feature – Object Explorer Query Tracking

A few days ago, I wrote a blog about a new feature in SSMS and I got few emails asking me to share such quick and fresh information. You can read my earlier blog here SQL Download – SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) – Performance Dashboard. In this blog post we will learn about the brand new feature called Object Explorer Query Tracking.

While going through the list of updates on books online, I found another interesting item.

Output window has entries for queries run during the expansion of Object Explorer nodes

To understand this, I enabled the output window using under menu option. (View > Output)

As soon as I got that window, I noticed that whatever node I click in “Object Explorer, I was getting query which is getting fired to get the details.

Interestingly, we can also see the time taken by the query as well. Below is the output when I click on “Databases”

So now whenever we see any slowness while clicking on some node in object explorer or an interesting error, we can directly find the query and understand the issue.

One thing which is missing is we can’t find the query when we open properties of any node in SSMS.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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