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Lots of people ask me what is the one thing which I am very much proud of in my life. The answer is very simple, I am very much proud of the webcast, which I have done for Group By Conference 3 Common Mistakes to Kill SQL Server Performance. You can watch the video at any of the following location:

There are multiple reasons why I am proud of this free webcast.

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Reason 1: It is FREE.

Group By is a free conference and everything is very democratic there.

Anyone can submit any session and anyone can vote for their choice. Finally, the session which has the highest voting is selected for the presentation. It works great in everyone’s favor as the session, which is the most popular gets to present with other popular sessions. Trust me the process just works great. If you are not familiar with Group By Free Conference. You should go ahead right away and explore the site.

Right after the session is over, the next day all the videos are uploaded to YouTube and transcript is posted on the Group By website.

Do not forget to watch the Past Sessions and vote for the Future Sessions. Group By Conference is the brainchild of Brent Ozar.

Reason 2: Three Solid SQL Server Performance Tips

If you are familiar with this blog, I am sure you must be familiar with my writing style. I love to write in simple words and to the point. I truly understand that when we want to learn something new we should learn from the scratch and understand the internals. However, while we are under pressure from the work, it is not possible to spend time a lot of time for learning. Often we need clear and trustworthy solutions which we can apply in our environment safely. It is important that we understand the positives and negatives of the solution and move ahead with it after appropriate risk analysis.

I would like to refer here the movie Sully. During his historic landing on the Hudson river, he had only 208 seconds in total and he did utilize best by trusting his experience and feelings. Well, just like that sometimes we need to trust our experience and available resources.

In the same spirit, I have shared three solid tips on the presentations which one can easily implement in their environment and can get performance immediately.

Reason 3: Fear, Confidence and Legend’s Company

Here is a very powerful quote, I always keep in front of me.

“The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.”
~ William Jennings Bryan

I have been an a mediocre speaker and an average DBA. It was very difficult for me to go out and do a presentation in front of people. My biggest worry was that I might say something which may be not applicable to users and they may damage their system. Due to this fear for long time I had avoided speaking in public. However, I quickly realized that if I want to stay in the business of earning bread for family, I need to change few things in me.

I was initially very much worried about presenting online because, whatever I will stay will be recorded and if I make any error in judgement, it will be there for ever. However, the best part of the Group By Conference was that I had a great company. I learned that Brent Ozar is going to be there during the presentation and will help me co-ordinate this session. Initially, my fear went through the roof about making an error during the presentation. I was worried that he will notice my inefficiencies.

However, very quickly I realized that my fear was the biggest blessings. I should be happy that Brent is going to be there in the presentation and if I make any mistake, he is going to be there to correct me. Well, the confidence in Brent brought my own confidence up and my fear was gone. I realized that I can just be myself and without any worry I should present naturally.

Here is another great article about Brent about What Makes a Good Online Presentation? Thanks Brent for all the guidance and friendship.

It is true that a Legand’s company brings the best out of you! 

Call for Action

I am very much proud of my free webcast 3 Common Mistakes to Kill SQL Server Performance.

Share one thing which you are very proud of yourself. Leave a comment with brief notes.

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  • You are way too polite, sir! You are really a FANTASTIC presenter. Over and over, when I talked to people about GroupBy, they said the same thing: “more people need to see Pinal’s session.” You’re a natural presenter, and you’re like Buck Woody and Dr. Dewitt – no matter what you present on, I’m going to come see it just to see how you do it. Great work, sir.

    • Thank you so much Brent!

      You have been always very kind to me and this one presentation as you said, have changed a lot in me.

      I am just 1% of You, Buck Woody or Dr. Dewitt but I am fortunate to be there to be compared. Truly humbled.

      Every time when I am a bit low, I watch this presentation and it brings my confidence up.

      Thank you again for the opportunity!


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