SQL SERVER – SQLPASS 2016 – Feedback and Rating – Kick Start! SQL Server 2016 Performance Tips and Tricks

Earlier this year, I presented at SQLPASS 2016, Seattle on SQL Server 2016 and I am very happy to see the feedback of my sessions. I have presented two sessions and I will write feedback of one session in this blog post and another one later this week. my session was about SQL Server 2016 Performance Tips and Tricks.

Session Title:

Kick Start! SQL Server 2016 Performance Tips and Tricks

Session Abstract:

Every new release of SQL Server brings a whole load of new features that an administrator can add to their arsenal of efficiency. SQL Server 2014 / 2016 has introduced many new features. In this 75 minute session we will be learning quite a few of the new features of SQL Server 2014 / 2016. Here is the glimpse of the features we will cover in this session.

  • Live plans for long running queries
  • Transaction durability and its impact on queries
  • New cardinality estimate for optimal performance
  • In-memory OLTP optimization of superior query performance
  • Columnstore indexes and performance tuning
  • Query Store

This 75 minutes will be the most productive time for any DBA and Developer, who wants to quickly jump start with SQL Server 2016 and its new features.

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Session Feedback:

All feedback is on the scale of 3 (where 3 is Excellent)

Attendee ratings: (416 attendees, 57 responses)

Overall session – Did the title, abstract, and session level align to what was presented? 2.93 (out of 3)
Session content – Was the content useful and relevant? 2.93 (out of 3)
Presentation – Was the speaker articulate, prepared, and knowledgeable on the subject matter? 2.96 (out of 3)
Promotions – Was the session free from blatant sales material or self-promotion such as blogs, company, or services? 2.98 (out of 3)

Individual Comments:

  • Loved it.
  • One of the best speakers
  • Full of energy and fun! Thank you!
  • Pinal was a perfect post-lunch presenter. So much energy!!!
  • Great speaker. Not only was Pinal informative, but he is enjoyable to watch.
  • Energy passion humor and good content
  • In 20 years of Sql Server classes and presentations, user groups and summits this is the best session I have ever seen. Pinal is a hilarious, engaging, passionate genius!
  • Glad I attended! Pinal’s humor and the use of practical examples made this a well spent time.
  • The ABSOLUTE BEST session!!! I am so glad I attended. Really wish he’d taught ALL my other sessions.
  • Very good and entertaining
  • This was my first session with Pinal. Very lively entertaining presentation. I plan to look into in-memory oltp in conjunction with columnstore indexes
  • “Pinal, did a great job at keeping the audience awake and engaged”
  • Good session
  • Engaging and dynamic
  • Very little useful information. A colorful speaker but session was of very limiting value. Less comedy more content.
  • The timing was short it felt rushed. I think you need a longer time slot to present.
  • Got to attend the last 30 minutes. I enjoyed Pinal’s presentation (as usual) and on the fly troubleshooting query plan. Full house as expected!
  • Stellar presentation-will attend all of his presentations in future.
  • Very good speaker and keeps the audience entertained while providing useful information
  • Funny and able to capture audience attention by engaging discussion throughout the session. I expected to get more information from the session, though, this may be due to time constraints
  • Amazing speaker and he gives so much back to community. Thanks Pinal for amazing session
  • Great presentation and good examples. Good information to take back and use for upgrade and even checking current system. Also realized after that Pinal Dave is responsible for helping me learn TSQL with the joes 2 pros books. Thank you
  • Awesome, great info.
  • Pinal was fantastic! Best session today for sure. I learned and had fun at the same time. Thanks for taking selfies with all of us!!! Peace brother!
  • Very enthusiastic speaker
  • Perfect session and Speaker did perfect job. I really like it!!!
  • Been reading Pinal’s blog for a long time. Seeing him present was a great experience. Pinal is one of the best speakers I have ever listened to. thanks
  • Great Session!
  • Pinal’s session was perfect for after lunch. His humorous, engaging presentation style kept things lively as he delivered relevant content.
  • Educational and entertaining
  • I liked Pinal Dave a lot. I thought he was funny and I really appreciate his concise answers that I find in web searches. I thought this session was too short on substance in that I think only 2 tip topics were presented.
  • Pinal has fantastic energy. Does great interacting and involving the audience.
  • This was by far the best session i attended at the conference. I have been following Dave Pinal’s blog for sometime and I was very happy to be able to meet him in person and attend this session. He explained things very clearly
  • He was funny, the best presenter
  • One of the best speaker and session. I think in my 10 years career, this is one of the best session ever. I will attend SQLPASS just for Pinal
  • By far one of the most engaging and most prepared speakers. Great interaction with the audience and topic was fantastic. When you consider this was on the last day of the conf and the room was a standing room only
  • Best speaker ever
  • excellent presentation
  • The session was a hit. I know that a lot of English-as-a-first-language speakers/organizers/attendees have a peeve against speakers with foreign accents, but Pinal’s session proves all of them wrong. I am happy that Pinal has been selected to speak
  • Speaker is very interactive and good.
  • So far the best session I have attended in Summit 2016, it was a laughter riot along with the technical flow; speaker know the topic well and understand the audience level the content and demo was so relevant and people enjoyed it really, some (about 20)
  • :-) The session was fast paced and super cool. I laughed so much in the session, Pinal Dave is super funny.
  • Top notch. Equally entertaining and informative … of course …it’s Pinal!
  • A very enjoyable session for Friday afternoon
  • Need a larger room for Pinal!
  • Room was way too hot and should have been a bigger room given the speaker was Pinal Dave.
  • room was a bit small
  • There was a creaking sound on the stage that was a little distracting
  • late arrivals created tight standing area. seat mixed in were free but you’d have to disrupt a row to get a seat.
  • It was great he had a big room. It got packed!!! And everyone was engaged and participated
  • Room was full fir this session
  • The room could have been bigger. Pinal draws a crowd.
  • Probably need a bigger room for this one. Came late and left early because I couldn’t find a seat
  • He may need a bigger room next year.
  • Everything in the room was fine. The screens were clear and Dave spoke nice and clear and I could hear him perfectly.
  • For him might consider larger rooms.
  • Everything was perfect. Except that the engineer has to know a little more about switching to full screen. It is not the presenter’s laptop problem, rather the switch that has to be put on for the slides to show up in full screen.
  • Wow, I wish that room size would have some more space so that all people could have fitted.
  • Perfect accommodations.

I have not published comments which just say “Good”, “Great” or “Amazing”. There were many single worded positive comments.

My Opinion:

I am extremely happy with the feedback of users. I truly appreciate it that people thought I was informative and funny. It is a huge compliment for me as I spent hours and hours in building this presentation and planning how I will keep audience awake/engaged after lunch on the last day of the event. Lots of people told me afterwards that they were not able to get into the room as it was already standing room in a few minutes of the session started. I hope to find a way to make this presentation available for everyone who missed it.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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