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We are all hard wired when it comes to doing certain tasks. I have attended tons of sessions at the local SQL Server user group meets and it amazes me every time to what I didn’t know about the tools that I use often. Every time when I attend sessions from my friend Balmukund or others from the community – they show a trick or two using SQL Server Management Studio that makes me rethink how I would be working the very next day using these methods. I think it is part of learning and that is never going to stop. Let us see about tips about Windows 10.

In this blog, let me take a detour of something very basic and that got me annoyed when I first installed Windows 10 and how the Windows Explorer window worked. It was strange at the same time I wanted to figure out the options for this.

When I opened up Explorer and navigate to a given folder, a number of times I would like to know where I am in the folder tree structure on the left pane. When I first saw this on my PC, I was completely lost for words. I was like: “seriously – you don’t give me this option out-of-box”? See the image below to see how deeply into a folder structure I am and I can’t see the same location on the Navigation Pane.

I started to hunt the various “Options” button available on the toolbar. Lesser did I know it had nothing to do with this behavior. After a couple of minutes is when I realized what was the hidden trick. On the “View Tab” there is an option for “Navigation Pane” -> Expand this to navigate.

I selected the “Expand to open folder” and the behavior that we were looking for is now as expected. This is something that I wanted.

Have you ever had such experiences when upgrading to a new version of the software? Were you searching for something you used to have and the behavior completely changed and got you disappointed? Share some of your experiences and would love to learn in the process.

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  • Brad Smith (@bradsmithsc)
    November 2, 2016 8:11 am

    Can now drag to the breadcrumb nav instead of only the vertical tree. Would be nice if the folder opened on a paused-hover.


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