SQL SERVER – Change Color for System Object Name in Text Editor (SSMS 2016)

You might have seen my earlier posts about SQL Server 2016 management studio. There are a lot of changes which have happened in SSMS area. One of such change which I heard is that SSMS now uses Visual Studio 2015 shell. I am a sort of guy who likes some of the settings to be as they were when I worked with good old SQL 2000 days too. I like the color coding used for ages since I first worked with SQL Server using Enterprise Manager. Here is an example where I personally felt the old style is far more productive than the new default. Let us see how we can change color for the system object name in the text editor.

While playing with SSMS, I noticed that something was not right with the look and feel of the query in SSMS 2016 version.

SQL SERVER - Change Color for System Object Name in Text Editor (SSMS 2016) ssms-color-01

I copied the same query in SQL Server 2014 Management studio

Do you see a difference? The color or DMVs and System object has become very little painful for the eyes. May be this is due to the new shell of Visual Studio which I spoke earlier.

How to change Text Editor Color?

Always remember “Tools > Options” for any change in SQL Server Management Studio. To change above setting:

  • Go to Environment Fonts> and Colors
  • Choose Text Editor in Show setting for:
  • Choose SQL System Table under Display Items
  • Change Item foreground: from Lime to Default


It was a little relaxing for my eyes after making this change. I am not sure if Microsoft would change the default color scheme by RTM but my test was on SQL Server 2016 Management Studio RC3 (Version 13.0.14000.36).

I am sure you have noticed some of these interesting changes coming to SSMS. Let me know what have you done and what you feel about these changes.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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