SQL SERVER – FIX: Setup Was Not Able to Access Domain

One of my clients approached me to provide assistance in performance tuning – which is my bread and butter these days. Often once you get into an engagement, they try to maximize the time they get with me. While doing the tuning exercise, the DBA had a side question during the call. Let us learn about how setup is not able to access domain. Such random questions do come up from time to time because we might be taking a quick break between calls. I was not sure to what might be coming my way – I asked him what the question was. I wanted some time to think through if it is too specific – but what is wrong in first hearing out.

He was trying to install SQL Server 2012 on a Virtual machine and getting error for some strange reason. As usual, I asked to share the error message first to have a quick look. I asked him to hit Ctrl + C on the message box and paste in email. He was surprised to see the easy way of copying an error message. If you didn’t know this – try out. Just when the dialog box of error message pops up – do it yourself and see. He pasted the same on the Skype window we were chatting. It looked like:

TITLE: SQL Server 2012 Setup


There are validation errors on this page. Click OK to close this dialog box. Review errors at the bottom of the setup page, then provide valid parameters or click Help for more information.





Here was the detailed message when we clicked on the bottom you are likely to get on expanding the details:

[Error Message] SQL Server Setup was not able to access domain ‘WinNT://NT AUTHORITY’ to validate user account ‘SERVICE’. This may happen when there are network issues.

[Details] Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.Agent.InputValidationException: SQL Server Setup was not able to access domain ‘WinNT://NT AUTHORITY’ to validate user account ‘SERVICE’. This may happen when there are network issues.

To fix the issue, we changed the service account to Local System and we were able to move forward. This was pretty simple and I was glad to have solved it easily than before.

Did you know that you can use Ctrl + C and copy the text of error messages in Windows popup messages?

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Does using Local Services instead of Network limit you or have in different effect?

    • This can be changed after setup. You would have authentication issues while accessing remote resources.

  • The point is as well that if the virtual machine is part of the domain controller sometimes what happens is that the DC could be switched off. To resolve the issue simply start the DC and press retry and it should continue


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