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MySQL Workbench is the default IDE for MySQL and the most popular IDE among MySQL Developers and Administrator. There are three major sections in MySQL Workbench.

1) Developement – Developer can perform various activities related to SQL development in this area. For example – building queries, executing queries, etc

2) Administration – Administration can do various activities related to MySQL server administration in this area. For example – taking backup, restoring a database, etc.

3) Data Modeling – Database Designer can model MySQL database in this area. For example – building relationship tables, schema compare etc

I noticed that there is no proper tutorial available on this subject online or in the form of course. Upon discussing with few DBA friends and the kind folks at Pluralsight, I decided to build a course which focuses on the key features of MySQL Workbench. This course is very much demo oriented and there is very little theory in the terms of PowerPoint. MySQL user can easily learn various features of the MySQL Workbench and increase his or her efficiency. In this course I have included many different tips and tricks which are commonly unknown to MySQL Workbench users.

Here is the outline of the course: MySQL Workbench Guided Tour

  • MySQL Administration
    • MySQL Workbench Editions
    • Demo: Installation and Setup
    • Demo: Setup New Connection
    • Demo: Advanced MySQL Connection
    • Demo: Duplicate MySQL Connections
    • Demo: Impact of Settings on Query
    • Demo: Navigator
    • Demo: Server Status
    • Demo: Client Connection
    • Demo: Users and Previleges
    • Demo: Create New User
    • Demo: Status and System Variables
    • Demo: Data Export
    • Demo: Data Import/Restore
    • Demo: Startup/Shutdown
    • Demo: Server Logs
    • Demo: Options File
  • MySQL Development
    • Demo: Opening SQL Editor
    • Demo: Opening SQL Queries File
    • Demo: Query Menu: Execute
    • Demo: Query Menu: Explain
    • Demo: Query Menu: Stop Script Exectuion on Errors
    • Demo: Query Menu: Limit Rows
    • Demo: Query Menu: Reconnect to Server
    • Demo: Query Menu: Transactions
    • Demo: Toolbar of Resultset
    • Demo: Features of Resultset Panel
    • Demo: Toolbar of SQL Query Tab
    • Demo: Contex Help
    • Demo: Snippets
    • Demo: Auto Complete
  • Data Modeling
    • Demo: Create EER Model by Reverse Engineering
    • Demo: EER Diagram
    • Demo: Vertical Menu
    • Demo: MySQL Model and History
    • Demo: Model Templates
    • Demo: Forward Engineering
    • Demo: Schema Transfer
    • Demo: Schema Compare
    • Demo: Tools and Utilities
  • MySQL Workbench Preferences
    • Demo: Workbench Preferences Screen
    • Demo: General Preferences
    • Demo: Administrator Preferences
    • Demo: SQL Editor Preferences
    • Demo: SQL Queries Preferences
    • Demo: Model Preferences
    • Demo: Diagram Preferences
    • Demo: Appearance and Theme Preferences
  • MySQL Workbench Shortcuts

You can watch the course over here: MySQL Workbench Guided Tour

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