SQL SERVER – MySQL – PostgreSQL – How to Concat Strings?

As a regular reader, you may know that I now a days work with MySQL and SQL Server both at the same time. Working with two different products have changed quite a few things in how I write code. Here is an example of that – I changed myself about how I CONCAT strings.

Earlier with SQL Server

Earlier I used to use ‘+’ (Plus) operator when I was concatenating strings. Here is the script for the same:

SELECT 'FirstName' + ' Last Name' AS FullName;

Now with SQL Server

SELECT CONCAT('FirstName',' Last Name') AS FullName;

The reason I use the CONCAT function instead of ‘+’ (Plus) operator is because CONCAT functions work in MySQL as well. Here is the example how the same scripts work in MySQL without changing any code.

Additionally, the same code we can use with Postgres as well. Here is the example how the same scripts work in PostgreSQL without changing any code.

Here is a question to you, does the same code works with Oracle? If you know the answer, I request you to leave a comment here. I am very confident that the same code works with many other databases as well, if you know the name of the same, please leave a note.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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