SQL SERVER – Roundup Post – Notes from the Field – Year 2013 – Performance Tuning and Database Health

One of the most appreciated and loved the series on SQLAuthority.com is Notes from the Field. I often received how did I come up with the idea behind it. Here is the story for the same.

Inceptions of Notes from the Field

SQL SERVER - Roundup Post - Notes from the Field - Year 2013 - Performance Tuning and Database Health notesfromfield

There are two aspects of any technology 1) Theoretical Knowledge and 2) Practical Knowledge. I have been blogging over 7 years over here and over the years, I have shared my theoretical and practical knowledge over here on this blog. However, I am primarily contributor to my blog and hence there was a monotonous tone to this blog. I always wanted to bring the perspective of other Database Experts to the blog readers. In the real world, we have thousands of the servers deployed, and each server has its own stories to tell. When I have worked on performance tuning projects, I have realized that it is not possible to figure out everything by a single expert. When we have more than one opinion for any server, it helps us to figure out what is the best possible solution for that server. Following the same logic, I have decided to reach out to few of my fellow industry experts to help me write a series Notes from the Field.

Expertise, Commitment and Creativity

When I was looking for the team of experts to help me out with Notes from the Fields, I was looking for three definite quality in them: 1) Expertise with SQL Server 2) Commitement to accomplish the task as promised and 3) Creativity based on real world experience. I wanted to team up with the team of experts who are out there in the real world and knows ins-outs of SQL Server. I am very fortunate that I got an opportunity to work with experts who have all the three quality and many more. I am very thankful to Linchpin people for their support in writing Notes from the Fields series so far on this blog. Linchpin People are database coaches and wellness experts for a data driven world. Their founders have been focusing on the Microsoft SQL Server ecosystem for decades, helping companies succeed with data through technology, process, leadership, and most of all people. They are renowned experts in what they do and they keep the people first in all of their efforts. I am very thankful that Linchpin People have selflessly shared their experience with SQLAuthority.com readers in Notes from the Fields series.

Performance Tuning and Database Health

The most talked issue with the SQL Server is Performance Tuning and Database Health. Everybody in industry wants more performance and want more from their server. Honestly, the technology is moving so fast that it is difficult to keep up with it. Today we may set up some environment which is following all the best practices for optimal performance, it is quite possible that our setup becomes dated in near future. It is always good idea to have frequent health checkup of your system. Linchpin People’s core team of Database Wellness Experts has over 100 years of combined experience in managing the expectations and demands of a production SQL Server environment. Most companies call an SQL service provider only when they have database issues and are in trouble.

Roundup from Notes from the Field

My friends at Linchpin People are expert at Anything and Everything about SQL. You can reach out to them when you need an urgent care specialist for your database. If you believe your servers are healthy, that is a great thing, but it does not hurt to read the advice of the experts in their own words.

Here is the roundup from Notes from the Field. Each of the note is shared by experts at Linchpin People.

If you are busy with Christmas, I suggest you bookmark this post and read it later on in new year.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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