SQL SERVER – Building Three-Part Name from OBJECT-ID – Database Name, Schema Name, TableName

Here is the question I recently received based on my earlier blog post – SQL SERVER – Get Schema Name from Object ID using OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME.

“How I get three part name if the only thing I have is object_id and current database context. What I mean is that, when I query executes, I do not know for which database it is executing as the name of the database is part of the connection string. I only know the name of the object_id. I have already read your earlier article but I need further guidance. Can you help?”

Here is the script which will generate three part name based out of just object_id. For example we have object_id 1154103152 which belongs to AdventureWorks database, Sales SchemaName and SalesOrderDetails table. Here is how you can generate three part namings.


The above query will give us following result:

Instead of passing static variables you can also pass the column containing object_id into the function and get three part name of the objects.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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