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Personal Technology - Chrome Missing Close Button - Chrome in Desktop Mode in Windows 8 chrome I have been using Windows 7 very comfortably for a long time. I love the product and I love the presence of my start menu. I use my laptop/computer for a causal use as well as for professional work. One of my primary job as an evangelist is to present technology sessions at various places. I use my mobile ultrabook for the all the presentations. This ultrabook is pretty new (11 months old) and it has Win 8 Operating System. Though I use my laptop as a tablet most of the time, I still use Desktop mode ALL the time for everything I do. I personally have not found a reason to switch to Windows 8 modern UI modes as I just love desktop mode. Let us learn what can we do when Chrome is missing close button.

Here is something which I have faced recently and it has become very annoying to me when I am using Chrome as a my browser. Usually I see my browser with various window buttons like Minimize, Maximize and Close on the windows as displayed in following window.

However, one fine day, I did not see any of those buttons. I had no clue how I will turn of my browser or reposition them. I was even not able to open another instance of the browser as well I was not able to close that entirely with the keyboard command CTRL+W. I was pretty much stuck with no close button and extremely confused.

I searched the internet and few people were thinking it is a virus but I could not believe the same as I have seen plenty of the virus and it was no virus – it was something, which I had no clue about but for sure it was not a virus. If it was a virus, I am pretty confident that virus scanner would have caught it. Finally after playing around with Chrome for a while, I suddenly realized that I had accidentally switched the mode of the Chrome to Windows 8 Modern UI and it was no more in the desktop mode. I followed steps displayed in the following image and I relaunched Chrome on the Desktop. After that I was able to comfortably use my Chrome as I was used to earlier.

I am very sure, just like me many other people outside who have installed Windows 8 or have a relatively new computer with Windows 8. Let me know if you have ever faced this issue and if this blog post is helpful.

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  • Oskar Wennersten
    August 19, 2013 3:20 pm

    Yes, I’ve had this problem too. It only happends with Chrome and IE but on IE it’s much easier to see the difference between the modes. And only when you set it as the default browser and starts it from the start menu/screen. Starting from the taskbar or a shortcut gets the desktop-version.

    The problem comes from browsers having a special way to install both a desktop version and an “app-version” at the same time without the user knowing and Windows behavior too start the app-version by default if you start the browser from “start”.

  • Yes, the Windows 8 Chrome app does not have the close button. In fact, all of the Windows 8 apps I’ve tried do not have close buttons! A frustrating thing for a desktop user. But good old ALT-F4 works just fine in closing any app.

  • John Mihalko (@jcmihalko)
    August 20, 2013 9:17 am

    FYI: You can close any Win8 app by grabbing the top of it and dragging it to the bottom of your screen. Although even knowing this, I agree with you, I have no use for Win8 apps on my desktop either.

  • Suggest you try this: There is a workaround – basically, right-click the Google Chrome icon you use to launch the program and select Properties > Compatibility tab. Tick “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” and click OK. This will hopefully resolve the problem with Google Chrome.


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