SQL SERVER – How to Refresh SSMS Intellisense Cache to Update Schema Changes

Have you ever faced situation where you have just created or modified object but SSMS still shows the error. I quite often face this situation where I come across situation where my SSMS Intellisense Cache is not refreshed or updated. This is indeed very frustrating when you are presenting something on stage as the red underline means an error in graved in many people’s minds and it is hard for them to believe when the code with underline runs successfully.

Here is image of the recent situation. Where I had just dropped index but SSMS Intellisense was still showing that the index exists.

When I face this kind of situation, without wasting time I immediately do following : CTRL + SHIFT + R . This will clear the cache of the Intellisense and it removes the underline from the word. You can also refresh the Intellisense cache by using Edit -> Intellisense -> Refresh Local Cache.

Here is another question back to you – do you use SSMS Intellisense or any other tool?

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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