SQL SERVER – Resolve Cannot Resolve Collation Conflict Error – SQL in Sixty Seconds #047

One of the most common errors database developer’s receives when they start working with database where there are different collation used. Collation is a very important concept but it is often ignored. First use the method displayed in this video to resolve your error and right away put your efforts to understand what collation stands for.

Language is the most important part of communication. We all communicate with each other through language which both persons to understand. If we do not talk in the language which the other person cannot understand, the end result is not fruitful. In a similar way, collation is very important to any database. I have often seen situations when the collation changes from case sensitive and case insensitive turning the query result hey-wire and creates chaos on the server.

Let us see the same concept in following SQL in Sixty Seconds Video:

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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