SQLAuthority News – Speaking at Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference 2013

Here are a few things that I hear very often: I already have a SharePoint administrator, and I don’t need a database expert.  Or, my database is already configured because we already have SharePoint installed on its default settings.  Or, Microsoft has told us not to touch the SharePoint database.  All these things may be partial or 100% true. The problem is that living your life, or administrating a database, according on one single thought is not good.  Technology is more advanced than that, and one single idea is not going to help your database move and evolve with the times.

Of course, SharePoint’s default settings are great, it has “best practices” to follow and they were well designed.  But some things are beyond the scope of SharePoint.  SharePoint does backup, and helps with performance tuning, but its maintenance is not accurate, and needs to be taken care of.

So question number one is: had Microsoft done the best job?  And do you understand what is going on with your server?  Well, I will be teaching a class at the SharePoint conference in Singapore on January 16, and this is exactly what I am going to address.  I am going to be giving a SharePoint Tips & Tricks in Singapore.  I guarantee that if you come to this session you will learn something so cool you can walk out the session and directly implement it.  So please, come to the conference.  I guarantee you will get amazing performance from your server.  I hope to see you in Singapore!

Session Details:

Title: Performance in 60 Seconds – Database Tricks Every SharePoint Developer & Admin MUST Know
Abstract: SharePoint Developers and System Administrators often come across situations where they face a slow server response, even though their hardware specifications are above  par. This session is for all the SharePoint Developers who want their server to perform at blazing fast speed but want to invest very little time to make it happen. We will go over various database tricks which require absolutely no time to master and require practically no SQL coding at all. After attending this session, Developers will only need 60 seconds to improve performance of their database server in their SharePoint implementation.
Date and Time: January 16, 2013 – 3:15 PM-4:15 PM
Location: Max Atria is located at Singapore Expo, 1 Expo Drive, Singapore Tel 65 6403 2160

This session will cover lots of interesting tips and tricks about SQL Server and SharePoint co-exists together. I promise that every attendee will walk out with a trick which they can walk out of session and directly apply to their production server to improve its performance.

Prizes, Giveaways and …

If you attend my session and participate in the conversation – I will bring 10 special gifts. This gift is not available in a Singapore and you will specially get it from me if you attend the session.  

Do leave a comment or send me email if you are going to the event, we can sit together and have a coffee.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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