SQL Contest – Result of Cartoon Contest

Earlier we had an excellent contest ran with the help of Embarcadero Technologies. We had two different contests on the same day sponsored by the kind folks at Embarcadero. Here are the details of the winners.

1) Win USD 25 Amazon Gift Cards (10 Units)

We had announced that we will award USD 25 Amazon Gift Cards to 10 lucky winners who will download the DB Optimizer between Nov 29 to Dec 8. Here is the name of the winners. Winners will get Amazon Gift Cards USD 25 in the next 5 days of this blog post to their registered email address. If you do not receive the card, do send me email (Pinal at sqlauthority.com) and I will follow up on the details.

Name of the winners:

  • Ramdas Narayanan
  • Krishna Uppuluri
  • Donna Kray
  • Santosh Gupta
  • Robert Small
  • Samit Bhatt
  • Bernd Baumanns
  • Rodrigo Oriola
  • Jim Woodin
  • Alfred Sandou

2) Win Star Wars R2-D2 Inflatable R/C

We had cartoon contest. If you have not read the cartoon – I suggest you go over this cartoon story one more time.

The task was to give the correct answer with some interesting note along with it. We selected a few good quotes and put them together. We later on picked the winner by using random algorithm. The winner gets fantastic Star Wars R2-D2 Inflatable R/C.

Name of the winner: Aadhar Joshi. He wins R2-D2. You can read his comment over here.

Thank you all for participating in the contest – this was fun – if you have liked it do let me know and we will come up with something new for you next time.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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