SQL SERVER – Caption the Cartoon Contest – Last 2 Days

Developer’s life is very interesting, we often want to start my day early at a job so we can go home early. However, the day never comes as the life of the developer is always about working late hours. If the developer goes to the office early – there are good chances that his co-workers will come late. Additionally, I am confident that there will be always something urgent for developers or DBA to solve right at the time they are ready to go home. This is the life of the developers! 

Here is the interesting story of a DBA who was about to go to the home. He had to take his girlfriend to a movie and dinner in 30 minutes. However, his manager asks him to fix the performance related issues with their production server. In normal case, he had only two choices a) Job or b) Girlfriend. Well, our super hero DBA decided to use efficient tools and improve the performance of the production server in merely 30 minutes. When he was done, his manager was absolutely surprised by his efficiency and accuracy of the work. He asked him following question –

SQL SERVER - Caption the Cartoon Contest - Last 2 Days 5

Here is the contest – you need to guess what was the answer of our Super Hero DBA. If you guess the answer correct you may win Star Wars R2-D2 Inflatable Remote Controlled device.

Additionally, if you Download DB Optimizer before Dec 8, 2012 – you will be eligible for USD 25 Amazon Gift Card (there are total 10 such awards).

Please do not leave comments in this thread – to participate in the contest – please leave a comment here in the original contest page.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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