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Rick Morelan and I were discussing earlier this month that what we can give back to the community. We believe our books are very much successful and very well received by the community. The five books are a journey from novice to expert. The books have changed many lives and helped many get jobs as well pass the SQL Certifications. Rick is from Seattle, USA and I am from Bangalore, India. There are 12 hours difference between us. We try to do weekly meeting to catch up on various personal and SQL related topics. Here is one of our recent conversations.

Rick and Pinal

Pinal: Good Morning Rick!

Rick: Good Morning…err… Good Evening to you – Pinal!

Pinal: Hey Rick, did you read the recent email which I sent you – one of our reader is thanking us for writing Joes 2 Pros series. He wants to dedicate his success to us. Can you believe it?

Rick: Yeah, he is very kind but did you tell him that it is all because of his hard work on learning subject and we have very little contribution in his success.

Pinal: Absolutely, I told him the same – I said we just wrote the book but it is he who learned from it and proved himself in his job. It is all him! We were just igniters.

Rick: Good response.

Pinal: Hey Rick! Are we doing enough for the community? What can we do more?

Rick: Hmmm… Let us do something more.

Pinal: Remember once we discussed the idea of if anyone who buys our Joes 2 Pros Combo Kit in the next 2 weeks – we will send them SQL Wait Stats for free. What do you say?

Rick: I agree! Great Idea! Let us do it.

Free Giveaway

Well Rick and I liked the idea of doing more. We have decided to give away free SQL Server Wait Stats books to everybody who will purchase Joes 2 Pros Combo Kit between today (Oct 15, 2012) and Oct 26, 2012. This is not a contest or a lucky winner opportunity. Everybody who participates will qualify for it.

Combo Availability

USA – Amazon

India – Flipkart | Indiaplaza

Note1: USA kit contains FREE 5 DVDs. India Kit does not contain 5 DVDs due to legal issues.
Note2: Indian Kit is priced at special Indian Economic Price.

Qualify for Free Giveaway

  • You must have purchased our Joes 2 Pros Combo Kit of 5 books between Oct 15, 2012 and Oct 26, 2012.
  • Purchase before Oct 15, 2012 and after Oct 26, 2012 will not qualify for this giveaway.
  • Send your original receipt (email, order details) to following addresses: “books@SQLAuthority.com;info@Joes2Pros.com” with the subject line “Joes 2 Pros Kit Promotion Free Offer”. Do not change the subject line or your email may be missed. 
  • Clearly mention your shipping address with phone number and pin/zip code.
  • Send your receipt before Oct 30, 2012. We will not entertain any conversation after Oct 30, 2012 cut off date.
  • The Free books will be sent to USA and India address only.
  • Availability USA – Amazon | India – Flipkart | Indiaplaza

Do leave a comment if you have question or comment.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Vakul Kumar More
    October 15, 2012 8:58 am

    I appreciate the thought of contributing more to the community. I got a friend who is learning SQL Programming got your combo kit couple of weeks from Amazon. He is very happy with the first book and DVD and not worried to lose on the offer as he has learned a lot in these 2 weeks :)

  • I regularly follow SQLAuthority.com and have read book Joes 2 Pro which I have received as a part of one of the contest here. I must say that, these book are gem… don’t miss it guys… go & get it to sharpen your knowledge….

  • Sudeepta Ganguly
    October 15, 2012 1:14 pm

    Completed the Part 2 of Joes 2 Pros last night and need to say “It was a great learning experience”. If anyone trying to learn T-SQL, should try the Joes2Pros series.

    Over to Part 3 now :)

  • I’m currently reading Joes2Pros book 5 in order to get much needed understanding and experience with advanced SQL processes (particuarly XML queries) and am impressed with the start-to-finish approach of the book. Assuming I know nothing (which basically was true), this has been the road map to success for me in this aspect of SQL. I purchased the Kindle version and my only criticism is that the images don’t do well on Kindle as the writing is too small to read (at least for my old eyes) and making the font bigger didn’t make the image any bigger, so I’m struggling a bit with that. I *SHOULD* have chosen to read it online (for more than just the image reason), so just a tip to others.

  • Santosh S.Pawar
    October 16, 2012 12:09 pm

    Santosh Pawar: Hi pinal i want to buy your books but there is different price on Flipkart.com (Price: Rs 3177) and on Indiaplaza (Price: Rs 2447) whats this… is any offer giving by Indiaplaza or they giving one book less.?

    • Hi Santosh,

      Both the places the same books are sold and they have the same numbers of the book. It is their decision to keep the price. Currently Indiaplaza is selling for less price – this can very well change. Get it while you can get at a great prices.

      Kind Regards,

  • The amazon link is confusing – it is not fullfilled by Amazon.

    It says it is outofstock for me.

  • Naveen Chandra
    October 17, 2012 3:59 pm


    I wish you had this promotion earlier – I have already purchased this excellent and wonderful 5 books. I am now waiting for SQL Server 2012 books.

    It is time that you release SQL Server 2012 books now. We all have purchased this book already.

    Please take this comment as positive critisism.

  • Vikas Ahlawat
    October 17, 2012 4:10 pm

    I think sir you know me..Vikas ahlawat(11111th like). I had won this book combo….. as (fb 11111th like contest)
    The book series is great!! It helps everyone to become Sql server Expert… I learned a lot from your book sir…
    I read this series I buy Sql server interview & Sql wait state… it also a great book….
    Now I have your all books….:)
    Thank to both of you sir (Pinal & Rick) for great books….

  • I have already purchased five book combo last year and wait stats got it free from you in last SQLPASS.

    Time to give us something more!

  • anitha manjunath
    October 18, 2012 8:46 pm

    Missing equal sign is what i get when i try to update with day. please guide

  • hi pinal, can i get these books shipping to singapore when i buy from amazon?

  • sir, i want to buy sql server joes 2 pro combo books, but now it is unavailable in the market as combo. But it is available individually. Each book is costing around Rs.3000 . Please suggest


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