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I had enrolled for three days training so my routine each of the three days was very much same. However, the content every day was different as I was learning something new every day. Let me describe a few of the interesting details of my daily routine. Let us see a technical review of learning.

Technical Review of Learning

After deciding the lunch we started the learning. I was very fortunate to have a very experienced trainer – Prakash Chheatry. Though I have never met him before I have heard a lot about Prakash. He is known as the top most SQL Server Trainer in India. His student list contains some of the very well known SQL Server Experts of the world and few of SQL Server “best seller” book authors.

Learning continues till 1:00 PM with one tea-coffee break in between.


The lunch time is again the fun time. We all students get together in the afternoon and tell the stories of the world. Indeed the best part of the day beside learning new stuff.

What did I learn

As I mentioned earlier, I know SQL Server fairly well. I had expressed the same in my conversation as well. This is the reason I was assigned a fairly senior trainer and we learned everything quite quickly. As I know quite a few things we went pretty fast in many topics. There were a few things, I wanted to learn in detail as well practice on the labs. We slowed down, where we wanted and rush through the concepts where I was very comfortable.

Here is the list of the things which we covered in action pack three days.

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence (Intro)
  • SQL Server Analysis Service (Theory and Lab)
  • SQL Server Integration Service  (Theory and Lab)
  • SQL Server Reporting Service  (Theory and Lab)
  • SQL Server PowerPivot (Lab)
  • UDM (Theory)
  • SharePoint Concepts (Theory)
  • Power View (Demo)
  • Business Intelligence and Security (Discussion)

Well, I was delighted that I was able to refresh lots of concepts during these three days. With this I end my this experience. I am planning to have another online learning experience later this month. I will blog about my experience as I begin it.

Reference: Pinal Dave https://blog.sqlauthority.com/ )

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  • I inspired about this learning…master became student again..we should all follow your way of learning new things like a child…i really love it..and many thanks for sharing each and every movement in your journey of enjoyable learning and we are very much interested about to know more about training
    it may gives interest to take the same…!

  • This course is designed for Novice in SQL Server BI or any one who has experience in SQL Server ?


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