SQL SERVER – #TechEdIn – Presenting Tomorrow on Speed Up! – Parallel Processes and Unparalleled Performance at TechEd India 2012

Performance tuning is always a very hot topic when it is about SQL Server. SQL Server Performance Tuning is a very challenging subject that requires expertise in Database Administration and Database Development. I always have enjoyed talking about SQL Server Performance tuning subject. However, in India, it’s actually the very first time someone is presenting on this interesting subject, so this time I had the biggest challenge to present this session.

Frequently enough, we get these two kind of questions:

  1. How to turn off parallelism as it is reducing performance?
  2. How to turn on parallelism as I want more performance?

The reality is that not everyone knows what exactly is needed by their system. In this session, I have attempted to answer this very question. I’ve decided to provide a balanced view but stay away from theory, which leads us to say “It depends”. The session will have a clear message about this towards its end.

Deck Details

  • Slides: 45+
  • Demos: 7+ Bonus
  • Quiz: 5
  • Images: 10+
  • Session delivery time: 52 Mins + 8 Mins of Q & A

I have presented this session a couple of times to my friends and so far have received good feedback. Oftentimes, when people hear that I am going to present 45 slides, they all say it is too much to cover. However, when I am done with the session the usual reaction is that I truly gave justice to those slides.

Action Item

Here are a few of the action items for all of those who are going to attend this session:

If you want to attend the session, just come early. There’s a good chance that you may not get a seat because right before me, there is a session from SQL Guru Vinod Kumar. He performs a powerful delivery of million concepts in just a little time.

Quiz. I will be asking few questions during the session as well as before the session starts. If you get the correct answer, I will give unique learning material for you. You may not want to miss this learning opportunity at any cosst.

Session Details

Title: Speed Up! – Parallel Processes and Unparalleled Performance (Add to Calendar)

Abstract: “More CPU, More Performance” – A  very common understanding is that usage of multiple CPUs can improve the performance of the query. To get a maximum performance out of any query, one has to master various aspects of the parallel processes. In this deep-dive session, we will explore this complex subject with a very simple interactive demo. Attendees will walk away with proper understanding of CX_PACKET wait types, MAXDOP, parallelism threshold and various other concepts.

Date and Time: March 23, 2012, 12:15 to 13:15

Location: Hotel Lalit Ashok – Kumara Krupa High Grounds, Bengaluru – 560001, Karnataka, India.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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