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One of the biggest reason I go to SQLPASS is that my friends are going there too. There are so many friends with whom I often talk on Facebook and Twitter but I rarely get time to meet them as well talk with them. One thing I am usually sure that many fo them will be for sure attend SQLPASS. This is one event which every SQL Server Enthusiast should attend. Just like everybody I had pleasant time to meet many of my SQL friends. There were so many friends that I met and I did not click photo. There were so many friends who clicked photo in their camera and I do not have them.

Here are 1% of the photos which I have. If you are not in the photo, it does not mean I have less respect to our friendship. Please post link to our photo together :)

I was very fortunate that I was able to snap a quick photograph with Pinal Dave with Dr. David DeWitt. I stood outside of the hall waiting for Dr. to show up and when he was heading down from convention center I requested him if I can have one photo for my memory lane and very politely he agreed to have one. It indeed made my day!

Pinal Dave with Dr. David DeWitt

Every single time I met Steve, I make sure I have one photo for my memory. Steve is so kind every single time. If you know SQL and do not know Steve Jones, you do not know SQL (IMHO).

Following is the photograph with Michael McLean. More details about this photo in future blog post!

Pinal Dave, Michael McLean, and Rick Morelan

Arnie always shares his wisdom with me. I still remember when I very first time visited USA, I was standing alone in corner and Arnie walked to me and introduced to every single person he know. Talking to Arnie is always pleasure and inspiring.

Arnie Rowland and Pinal Dave

I am now published author and have written two books so far. I am fortunate to have Rick Morelan as Co-author of both of my books. He is great guy and very easy to become friends with. I am very much impressed by him and his kindness during book co-authoring. Here is very first of our photograph together at SQLPASS.

Rick Morelan and Pinal Dave

Diego Nogare and I have been talking for long time on twitter and on various social media channels. I finally got chance to meet my friend from Brazil. It was excellent experience to meet a friend whom one wants to meet for long time and had never got chance earlier.

Buck Woody – who does not know Buck. He is funny, kind and most important friends of every one. Buck is so kind that he does not hesitate to approach people even though he is famous and most known in community. Every time I meet him I learn something. He is always smiling and approachable.

Pinal Dave and Buck Woddy

Rushabh Mehta is current SQL PASS president and personal friend. He has always smiling face and tremendous love for SQL community. I often wonder where he gets all the time for all the time and efforts he puts in for community. I never miss a chance to meet and greet him. Even though he is renowned SQL Guru and extremely busy person – every single time I meet him he always asks me – “How is Nupur and Shaivi?” He even remembers my wife and daughters name. I am touched.

Rushabh Mehta and Pinal Dave

Nigel Sammy has extremely well sense of humor and passion from community. We have excellent synergy while we are together. The attached photo is taken while I was talking to him on Seattle Shoreline about SQL.

Pinal Dave and Nigel Sammy

Rick Morelan wanted my this trip to be memorable. I am vegetarian and I told him that I do not like Seafood. Well, to prove the point, he took me to fantastic Seafood restaurant in Seattle and treated me with mouth watering vegetarian dishes. I think when I go to Seattle next time, I am going to make him to take me again to the same place.

Rick, Rushabh, Pinal and Paras

Well, this is a short summary of few of the friends I met at Seattle. What is the life without friends, eh?

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Liang Kaiyuan
    October 25, 2011 8:38 am


  • Feodor Georgiev
    October 25, 2011 11:46 am

    If I ever go to the PASS, it will be because of the people I have not yet met and I would like to meet.

  • I’m glad to meet Pinal personally. We met in SolidQ party in Seattle, when we saw ourself, we call each other and started to talk… We spend some time and it was a very good conversation. I liked it :)
    This SQL PASS I met some guys that I wanted do for a long time… Every single person that I met was so friendly and amazing, and they tried understood my english :p

  • Pinal, it is always good to see you. It is not often that I get a compliment from a famous person in the SQL community so I had to leave a comment to say ‘Thanks!’

    See you next year!


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