SQL SERVER – CE – 3 Links to Performance Tuning Compact Edition

Today, I am going to do webcast online on how to improve performance for SQL CE. Here are three articles which I am going to base my session.

Database Design and Performance (SQL Server Compact Edition)

  • Use Database Denormalization
  • Decide Between Variable and Fixed-length Columns
  • Create Smaller Row Lengths
  • Use Smaller Key Lengths
  • Publication Article Types and Options

Query Performance Tuning (SQL Server Compact Edition)

  • Improve Indexes
  • Choose What to Index
  • Use the Query Optimizer
  • Understand Response Time vs. Total Time
  • Rewrite Subqueries to Use JOIN
  • Use Parameterized Queries
  • Query Only When You Must

Optimizing Connectivity (SQL Server Compact Edition)

  • Synchronization Time-Out Properties
  • Time-out Optimization

I found above articles very interesting and useful, and looking forward to your opinion on the same.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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