SQLAuthority News – Uncut and Unedited – Interview of Pinal Dave on Book Authoring

Writing a book was not an easy task. Publishing two books in a month was an even harder task. In Sep-Oct 2011 I have published two books. I was very happy when books were published and I got a print copy in my hand. In this blog post, we will discuss Book Authoring.

Lohith N is the finest .net expert and has recently taken my interview on the subject of book writing. He asked me about my experience with book writing and so many other things. He has even taken my earlier interview where video views have crossed more than 1300 views.

In the latest episode we discuss the following things:

  • About his new book
  • His experience as an author
  • Why the name SQL Joes 2 Pros
  • Where can we buy his books
  • Challenges when writing this book

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and to learn SQL one needs Structured Learning. Here is the list of the books I have personally shared my passion with and authored myself. I suggest that you watch the interview and give your feedback how it. Let us learn more about book authoring. Do leave feedback and you can always reach out to me on Twitter.

Reference:  Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

Joes 2 Pros, SQL Wait Stats
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