SQLAuthority News – Monthly list of Puzzles and Solutions on SQLAuthority.com

This month has been very interesting month for SQLAuthority.com we had multiple and various puzzles which everybody participated and lots of interesting conversation which we have shared. Let us start in latest puzzles and continue going down. There are few answers also posted on facebook as well.

SQL SERVER – Puzzle Involving NULL – Resolve – Error – Operand data type void type is invalid for sum operator

This puzzle involves NULL and throws an error. The challenge is to resolve the error. There are multiple ways to resolve this error. Readers has contributed various methods. Few of them even have supplied the answer why this error is showing up. NULL are very important part of the database and if one of the column has NULL the result can be totally different than the one expected.

SQL SERVER – T-SQL Scripts to Find Maximum between Two Numbers

I modified script provided by friend to find greatest number between two number. My script has small bug in it. However, lots of readers have suggested better scripts. Madhivanan has written blog post on the subject over here.

SQL SERVER – BI Quiz Hint – Performance Tuning Cubes – Hints

This quiz is hosted on my friend Jacob’s site. I have written many hints how one can tune cubes. Now one can take part here and win exciting prizes.

SQL SERVER – Solution – Generating Zero Without using Any Numbers in T-SQL

Madhivanan has asked very interesting question on his blog about How to Generate Zero without using Any Numbers in T-SQL. He has demonstrated various methods how one can generate Zero. I asked the same question on blog and got many interesting answers which I have shared.

SQL SERVER – Solution – Puzzle – Statistics are not Updated but are Created Once

I have to accept that this was most difficult puzzle. In this puzzle I have asked even though settings are correct, why statistics of the tables are not getting updated. In this puzzle one is tested with various concepts 1) Indexes, 2) Statistics, 3) database settings etc. There are multiple ways of solving this puzzles. It was interesting as many took interest but only few got it right.

SQL SERVER – Question to You – When to use Function and When to use Stored Procedure

This is rather straight forward question and not the typical puzzle. The answers from readers are great however, still there is chance of more detailed answers.

SQL SERVER – Selecting Domain from Email Address

I wrote on selecting domains from email addresses. Madhivanan makes puzzle out of a simple question. He wrote a follow-up post over here. In his post he writes various way how one can find email addresses from list of domains.

Well, this is not a puzzle but amazing Guest Post by Feodor Georgiev who has written on subject Job Interviewing the Right Way (and for the Right Reasons). An article which everyone should read.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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