SQL SERVER – BI Quiz – Troubleshooting Cube Performance

My friend Jacob Sebastian runs SQL BI Quiz competition. Where there are 30 different questions on each day of the month. Winners get opportunity to participate in this Quiz, learn something new and win great awards.

Working with huge data is very common when it is about Data Warehousing. It is necessary to create Cubes on the data to make it meaningful and consumable. There are cases when retrieving the data from cube takes lots of the time.

Let us assume that your cube is returning you data very quickly. Suddenly on one day it is returning the data very slowly. What are the three things will you in order to diagnose this. After diagnose what you will do to resolve performance issue.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • 1.adding lot’s of attributes to a dimension will bloat your cube and slow things down
    2. Check if the relationships between attributes in a dimesnion are clearly defined.
    3. Are there too many, many to many relationships in a dimension.
    4. Run SQL Profiler for SSAS and check the usage of cache and performance of the MDX queries.
    5. Is the cube partitioned, is the data in the cube at a stgae where it can be partitioned.


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