SQLAuthority News – TechED 2011 – Bangalore – An Unforgettable Experience – Day 0

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TechED 2011 – Bangalore – An Unforgettable Experience – Day 0
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TechEd India is the one of the best Technology Events in India. The event venue was at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. This three-day event was from March 23 to March 25, 2011, and this was my third TechEd Event.

My First TechEd in 2009

I had presented on SQL Server Management Studio Tricks and Tips.

My Second TechEd in 2010

I had presented three topics: 1) MDS 2) Spatial Database, and 3) Database Myths and panel discussion on Blogging.

My Third TechEd in 2011

SQLAuthority News - TechED 2011 - Bangalore - An Unforgettable Experience - Day 0 TechEd2011-02

This time, I presented two level 400 sessions: 1) Extended Events 2) Wait Types and Queues

Instead of writing what happened at TechEd, I am going to write what I did at TechEd. I am sure you will enjoy reading the same.

Session Selections and Preparation

Every speaker knew the sessions they are going to present several months in advance. I had started to prepare for my sessions from then on. I will write a separate post on the how I prepared the sessions. Following were my major milestones in the preparation process:

Vinod Kumar and Pinal Dave
  • Two long discussions about the two sessions I was going to present with the Database Technology Evangelist Vinod Kumar (he is currently the Technology Specialist at Microsoft Technology Center).
  • Vinod and I had 3-4 revisions regarding the outline of the sessions.
  • I studied Extended Event for more than a month to understand the entire technology.
  • I wrote a month-long series on the wait types and queues and learned this subject in depth.
  • I spent hours creating slides. Each slide deck had more than 40 slides – where 15 slides were meant for presentations and 25 slides were kept as backup reference.
  • I did not rehearse my session speech as it is in prompt, but I tested my scripts almost 2-3 times a day till the last moment.
  • Following people helped me at various levels to prepare the sessions.
    • Vinod Kumar – He helped me at every single level. From sessions review, flow review, additional resources, pre-session feedback, post-session feedback and much more.
    • Govind Kanshi – He helped me with some key input for presentations and gave me opportunity to work with a real client for additional insight.
    • Jacob Sebastian – He took my sessions and studied them diligently. In case, I was not there to present due to any unavoidable issue, he was ready as the backup speaker.

I created one more presentation on T-SQL Tricks and Tips in case of any emergency. So, I was ready with a total of three sessions.

Jacob Sebastian and Pinal Dave

Day 0 – March 22, 2011

I went to the hotel at 12.00 PM. I checked all the locations and stage where database track was going to happen. I joined Vinod Kumar and learned so many things about pre-day preparations. We tested all the audio and video as well stage locations. We were there till late evening. I ran all my demos one more time on Day 0. When I reached home, it was already 10.00 PM. I practiced my sessions demo one more time. By the time, I went to bed, it was like 2.00 AM. I set three alarms to wake up at 5 AM as I had to leave from home at 6.00 AM to reach to venue.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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    Thanks for sharing excellent articles in SQL Authority blog


  • Pinal

    I missed a lot. Would be nice if you had any video recording of the sessions.

    You and Jacob rock the SQL community.



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