SQL SERVER – Running Multiple Batch Files Together in Parallel

Recently I was preparing a demo for my next technical session, I had to do run a SQL code in parallel. I decided to use Batch File to run the code.

I am not the best guy to with command shell so I did it with following setup.

Code of tsql.sql

SELECT 1 ColumnName

Code of command.bat

sqlcmd -S . -i tsql.sql
timeout 100

Code of  AllBatch.bat

start cmd.exe /C “command.bat”
start cmd.exe /C “command.bat”
start cmd.exe /C “command.bat”

Now I ran AllBatch.bat and it run all the three files in parallel and simulated my needed scenario.

I believe there should be simpler way using power-shell. Anybody want to come up with equivalent code which is improvement to this code?

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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