SQL SERVER – Denali – Multi-Monitor SSMS Windows

I have a dual screen arrangement at my home system. I love it because it’s very convenient. When I am working with SQL Server 2008 R2 or any earlier versions, I would want to use both of the Monitor so I open two separate SQL Server Management Studio and work along with it. I have no complaints with my system, at all. I am totally fine with it. However, sometimes I face small issues, like when I just want a small code open in a separate window but I do not want the windows to take over the whole of another window. But then again, I am already used to this current system.

Recently when I was working with SQL Server 2011 ‘Denali’ CTP1, I dragged one of the windows by accident, and suddenly it magically appeared out of its ‘Shell’ of SSMS and was appearing on a separate monitor. I played around a bit and figured out that SSMS now supports multi-monitor (or multi screen) support with single SSMS instance. We can now drag out and drag in any window and resize them at any size. Fantastic!

SQL SERVER - Denali - Multi-Monitor SSMS Windows multiserver

If you are multi-monitor user, I am sure you will like this feature.

This leads me to ask you question? Do you use multi-monitor system while working with SQL Server? Leave a quick comment.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • The new SSMS is built on Visual Studio 2010, which has this capability.

    You can emulate some of the functionality now by using VS2010 today, it has a server explorer, t-sql execution capabilities, and more.

  • Neat feature, I love dual monitors, really good for developers when you have multiple tasks going on.

  • I have 2 monitors at work, and I don’t have Denali installed …. just the normal Developer edition of SQL Server 2008…. and I have the different windows all over both screens WITHOUT having to open more than one copy of SSMS….. I haven’t found if there’s a switch to toggle between ODI and MDI, but all I did was install it and pull the windows all over the place – so the default might just be Multiple Document Interface…..

    I’m looking forward to trying out Denali tho :) Sounds cool!

  • hattimatim00@gmail.com
    January 26, 2011 7:31 pm

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  • Glad to see this functionality coming to SQL Server. At work I have dual monitors, but I mainly work from home with a 3-27″ monitors setup, And I’m always putting things across these 3 monitors


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