SQLAuthority News – A Successful Community Tech Days in Ahmedabad – December 11, 2010

We recently had one of the best community events in Ahmedabad. We were fortunate that we had SQL Experts from around the world to have presented at this event. This gathering was very special because besides Jacob Sebastian and myself, we had two other speakers traveling all the way from Florida (Rushabh Mehta) and Bangalore (Vinod Kumar).There were a total of nearly 170 attendees and the event was a blast. Here are the details of the Tech Days event.

SQLAuthority News - A Successful Community Tech Days in Ahmedabad - December 11, 2010 CTD (7) Pinal Dave Presenting at Community Tech Days

On the day of the event, it seemed to be the coldest day in Ahmedabad but I was glad to see hundreds of people waiting for the doors to be opened some hours before. We started the day with hot coffee and cookies. Yes, food first; and it was right after my keynote. I could clearly see that the coffee did some magic right away; the hall was almost full after the coffee break.

Jacob Sebastian Presenting at Community Tech Days

Jacob Sebastian, an SQL Server MVP and a close friend of mine, had an unusual job of surprising everybody with an innovative topic accompanied with lots of question-and-answer portions. That’s definitely one thing to love Jacob, that is, the novelty of the subject. His presentation was entitled “Best Database Practices for the .Net”; it really created magic on the crowd.

Pinal Dave Presenting at Community Tech Days

Next to Jacob Sebastian, I presented “Best Database Practices for the SharePoint”. It was really fun to present Database with the perspective of the database itself. The main highlight of my presentation was when I talked about how one can speed up the database performance by 40% for SharePoint in just 40 seconds. It was fun because the most important thing was to convince people to use the recommendation as soon as they walk out of the session. It was really amusing and the response of the participants was remarkable.

Pinal Dave Presenting at Community Tech Days

My session was followed by the most-awaited session of the day: that of Rushabh Mehta. He is an international BI expert who traveled all the way from Florida to present “Self Service BI” session. This session was funny and truly interesting. In fact, no one knew BI could be this much entertaining and fascinating. Rushabh has an appealing style of presenting the session; he instantly got very much interaction from the audience.

Rushabh Mehta Presenting at Community Tech Days

We had a networking lunch break in-between, when we talked about many various topics. It is always interesting to get in touch with the Community and feel a part of it. I had a wonderful time during the break.

Vinod Kumar Presenting at Community Tech Days

After lunch was apparently the most difficult session for the presenter as during this time, many people started to fall sleep and get dizzy. This spot was requested by Microsoft SQL Server Evangelist Vinod Kumar himself. During our discussion he suggested that if he gets this slot he would make sure people are up and more interactive than during the morning session. Just like always, this session was one of the best sessions ever. Vinod is true to his word as he presented the subject of “Time Management for Developer”. This session was the biggest hit in the event because the subject was instilled in the mind of every participant.

Vinod Kumar Presenting at Community Tech Days

Vinod’s session was followed by his own small session. Due to “insistent public demand”, he presented an interesting subject, “Tricks and Tips of SQL Server“. In 20 minutes he has done another awesome job and all attendees wanted more of the tricks. Just as usual he promised to do that next time for us. Vinod’s session was succeeded by Prabhjot Singh Bakshi’s session. He presented an appealing Silverlight concept. Just the same, he did a great job and people cheered him.

Prabhjot Presenting at Community Tech Days

All in all, this event was one of the best in the Community Tech Days series in Ahmedabad. We were fortunate that legends from the all over the world were present here to present to the Community. I’d say never underestimate the power of the Community and its influence over the direction of the technology.

Vinod Kumar Presenting trophy to Pinal Dave

Vinod Kumar Presenting trophy to Pinal Dave

This event was a very special gathering to me personally because of your support to the vibrant Community. The following awards were won for last year’s performance:

Ahmedabad SQL Server User Group (President: Jacob Sebastian; Leader: Pinal Dave) – Best Tier 2 User Group

Best Development Community Individual Contributor – Pinal Dave


I was very glad to receive the award for our entire Community.

Attendees at Community Tech Days

I want to say thanks to Rushabh Mehta and Vinod Kumar for visiting the city and presenting various technology topics in Community Tech Days.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • It was wonderful to be there and get to interact with the local SQL Server community – a great group of individuals! I can hardly wait for a follow-up trip.

  • Hi Pinal.
    Thanks for your excellent blog.
    Are these sessions available for download? I am especially interested in your Best Database Practices for the SharePoint session.

  • Hi Pinal,

    Excellent blog post!!!. I know i have missed lots of stuff but I was out of station and not able to attend it.

    Let me know if any other community activity is going on. I will be happily part of it.


  • I came out of the auditorium – enlightened! my review of the event :

    Events like this really fosters the spirit of knowledge sharing and for students like me, they are the best source to keep me updated on the latest technology. i thank you and your team for such an awesome event.


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