SQLAuthority News – Why I am Going to Attend PASS Summit Unite 2010 – Seattle

I am once again attending SQLPASS this year.When I told this to my friend that I am going to SQL PASS again, he has the same question, which quite often many people ask.


SQLAuthority News – Why I am Going to Attend PASS Summit Unite 2010 – Seattle pass2010

I had earlier wrote article on this subject. I am writing it again the same. The reason is simple – I love it!

Why should I attend PASS Summit

There is not one or two but a number of reasons regarding why I should be a part of PASS Summit. First, it is a good platform to learn the latest skills and strategies through over 160 expert-led technical sessions as well as pre/post-conference sessions, which will include every aspect of SQL Server. Here, I can sharpen my skills and update myself with the latest SQL Server topics and technologies. This knowledge will help me to optimize the SQL Server. It also allows me to stay ahead of the curve as I will be one of the first professionals to learn about the latest advances, roadmaps, and plans for Microsoft SQL Server.

I can learn SQL Server best practices from thousands of SQL Server MVPs, Microsoft team members, authors, experts, and peers who will attend the event. I can even equip myself with the strategies and skills to improve the ROI of my SQL Server environment such as virtualization technologies, performance tuning and scaling, better hardware utilization, simplified management, and need for better business intelligences, to name a few. Further, I can take advantage of the group discount and enhance the knowledge and skills of the entire team.

The three-day event will be marked by a lot of learning, sharing, and networking, which will help me increase both my knowledge and contacts. PASS Summit provides me a golden opportunity to build my network as well as to identify and meet potential customers or employees. If I am a consultant or vendor who is looking for better career opportunities, PASS Summit is the perfect platform to meet and show my skills to my new potential customers and employers. Moreover, if I am already employed in an organization, here I can get in touch with top-class SQL Server experts who can help me with any future needs. Further, breakfasts, lunches, and evening receptions, which are included with registration, are meant to provide more and more networking opportunities.

Apart from gaining knowledge and networking, PASS Summit is a good platform to solve high-priority, mission-critical SQL Server issues through Microsoft “Ask the Experts” Lounge and the CSS First Aid Station where I can have direct access to Microsoft developers, service and support, and MVPs.

At PASS Summit, I gain not only new ideas but also inspire myself from top professionals and experts. Learning new things about SQL Server, interacting with different kinds of professionals, and sharing issues and solutions will definitely improve my understanding and turn me into a better SQL Server professional who can leverage and optimize SQL Server to improve business.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • i liked the reasons mentioned by you why you are eagar to attend the PASS summit. Go ahead with it…and keep it up the spirit…wish you our best wishes.

  • Pinal, i was half-afraid you wouldn’t make it since i did not see a blog post until today…there are so few people from India (not indians but people actually working there :) Welcome again and hope to catch up with you.

    To those who want to know why, I believe Pinal has adequately explained. This is my 8th time in a row and am very proud of it!! I am lucky to be still sponsored and of course living in the States helps but I would pay out of my pocket and go if I had to, there is no matching community event for SQL Server enthusiasts. We do not grow in vaccuum, we grow with fellow professionals and as a community. I have grown, seen many others grow and prosper in this community and that is my biggest payoff from the conference.



  • Hi Pinal,
    Enjoy the PASS Summit, I would love to go but do not have sponsorship. Share your views/thoughts when you get the time.

  • Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
    November 10, 2010 10:36 pm

    Yes. I agree on all the benefits. But, I feel for any regular developer like me, around $1700, is way too costly for a 3 day session.


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