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I was recently invited by Hyderabad Techies to deliver a keynote for their 16-day online session called TECH THUNDERS. This event has been running from May 15 and will continue up to the end of the month May 30). There would be a total of 30 sessions. In every evening of those 16 day, there will be either one or two sessions from several noted industry experts. It is the same group which has received the Microsoft Community Impact Award as the Best User Group in India as for developers. This was my opportunity to talk about Professional Development.

SQLAuthority News – Professional Development and Community thunder I have never talked about Professional Development before. Even if this was my first time to do so, I still accepted the wonderful challenge for the sake of the thousands of audience who were expected to attend this online event. Time is of the essence; I had 15 minutes to deliver the keynote and open the event. The reason why I was nervous was because I had to cover precisely only 15 minutes- no more, no less. If I had an hour, I would have been very confident because I knew I could do a good job for sure. However, I still needed to open the event as great as it can be even if the time was short. I finally created a 6-slide small presentation. In reality, there were only two pages which had the main contents of my keynote, and the remaining slides were just wrappers and decors.

The slide in which I spent a good amount of time is the slide which talks about Professional Development. The content of the slide is as follows:

  • Today, Technology and You
  • Keep your eyes, ears and senses open – Stay Active!
  • You are not the first one who faced the problem – Search Online!
  • Learn the web – Blogs, Forums and Friends!
  • Trust the Technology, Not Print – Test Everything!
  • Community and You!

I had a very little time creating the slide deck as I was busy the whole day doing the Advanced SQL Server Training. I had put together these slides during the tea/coffee break of my session. Though it was just a six-bullet point, I had received quite a few emails right after the keynote requesting me to talk more about this subject and share the details of my slide deck. I have talked with the event organizer and he will put the keynote online very soon.

The subject of the talk is very simple; it revolves around the community. Time has changed, and Internet has come a long way from where it was many years ago. Now that we are all connected, help via the Internet and useful software is easily available around us. In fact, RSS, newsletters and a few other technologies have progressed so much that the help through news is now being delivered to our doorsteps, instead of going out and seeking them. Sometimes, a simple search online solves a lot of problems of many developers.

The community is now the first stop for any developer when he or she needs help or just wants to hang around and share some thoughts. I strongly suggest everybody to be a part of the Tech Community. Be it online, offline community or just a local user group, I strongly advise all of you to get involved. I am active in the Community, and I must say I recommend getting drawn into it.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Very good set of points, for folks who have been in the field for a long time it is also the time to re-innovate, improvise and adapt according to current requirements and demands.

  • what you said here is perfect (regarding the mental block), i have been through some times during the dotcom bust, the one thing which came out loud and clear was “the only thing constant is change”.


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