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Since my TechEd India 2010 presentation I am very excited with SQL Server 2010 Master Data Services. I just come across very interesting white paper on Microsoft site related to this subject. Here is the list of the same and location where you can download them. They are all written by Top Experts at Microsoft.

SQLAuthority News - List of Master Data Services White Paper MDS4

Master Data Management from a Business Perspective

– Download a PDF version

Master Data Management from a Technical Perspective

– Download a PDF version

Bringing Master Data Management to the Stakeholders

– Download a PDF version

Implementing a Phased Approach to Master Data Management

– Download a PDF version

I twitted recently about: ‘Installing #sql Server 2008 R2 – Master Data Services. Painless.’ After doing so, I got quite a few emails from other users as to why I thought it was painless. The reason was very simple- I was able to install it rather quickly on my laptop without any issues. There were a few requests along with these emails sent to me, which regards to how to install MDS, as well sample databases.

Please note that I am the admin of my machine and I installed this MDS as the admin as well. Talk to your network administrator to figure out the best suitable settings for better security of login users. Additionally, since MDS is only supported on a 64-bit machine, I had rebuilt my computer a week before with a 64-bit OS and 64-bit SQL Server to go with it.

You can continue reading about this subject over here: Simple Installation of Master Data Services (MDS) and Sample Packages – Very Easy

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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