SQL Server – White Paper – An Introduction to Fast Track Data Warehouse Architectures by Erik Veerman

An Introduction to Fast Track Data Warehouse Architectures
SQL Server Technical Article
Writer: Erik Veerman, Solid Quality Mentors
Technical Reviewer: Mark Theissen, Scotty Moran, Val Fontama
Published: February 2009

The performance and stability of any application solution—whether line of business, transactional, or business intelligence (BI)—hinges on the integration between solution design and hardware platform. Choosing the appropriate solution architecture—especially for BI solutions—requires balancing the application’s intended purpose and expected use with the hardware platform’s components. Poor planning, bad design, and misconfigured or improperly sized hardware often lead to ongoing, unnecessary spending and, even worse, unsuccessful projects.

The ultimate goal of the Fast Track reference configurations is to take the guesswork out of hardware and architectural decisions for the database layer of Microsoft SQL Server-based BI solutions. To help you get started with the Fast Track reference architectures, understand their approach and value, and use them to implement the best possible solution, this paper includes:

  • An overview of the new Fast Track reference architectures
  • A review of BI fundamentals and applicable hardware considerations
  • The tested Fast Track reference architecture components and options
  • Prescriptive guidance for designing and optimizing a solution
  • Resources available to help you choose or create a new hardware configuration

The Fast Track Data Warehouse reference configurations focus on the central database component of a BI solution, commonly called the data warehouse or data mart. These Fast Track reference configurations target solutions on a single server estimated at up to 32TB of data.

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Abstract courtesy : Microsoft

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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