SQL SERVER – Comma Separated Values (CSV) from Table Column

I use following script very often and I realized that I have never shared this script on this blog before. Creating Comma Separated Values (CSV) from Table Column is a very common task, and we all do this many times a day. Let us see the example that I use frequently and its output.

USE AdventureWorks
-- Check Table Column
FROM HumanResources.Shift
-- Get CSV values
(SELECT ',' + s.Name
FROM HumanResources.Shift s
FOR XML PATH('')),2,200000) AS CSV

I consider XML as the best solution in terms of code and performance. Further, as I totally prefer this option, I am not even including the linka to my other articles, where I have described other options.

Do you use any other method to resolve this issue? Can you find any significant difference in performance between these options? Please leave your comment here.

UPDATE: SQL Server 2016 has new feature of JSON which now removes the need of using XML for the purpose of CSV. Here are few of the related articles for SQL Server 2016 and JSON.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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