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SQL Server MVP and my personal friend Jacob Sebastian has published my interview on subject of Beyond Relational on his famous site Beyond Relational. Jacob is quite known for his T-SQL challenges as well. If you have not ever tried one, I suggest you give it a try and you will be addicted to it.

Beyond Relational is interesting term. In simple terms, this means that it is beyond relations to traditional RDBMS. There are so many things to talk about when we stop thinking in terms of relationals. When we say “beyond relationals”, this does not mean that we move away from the relational database. In fact, for me words suggest quite the opposite; they imply strong ties to relational databases. It would not be termed “beyond” if it had nothing to do with relationals. The science of “beyond relational” picks up relationals where traditional RDBMS stop.

Please read my complete interview here and let me know what you think about Beyond Relational.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Pinal, you were Spot on the features which extend sql server 2008 beyond a traditional relational db. One of the features which caught my attention was spatial data, able to deal with geographies and represent them in a database in a more meaningful manner. It would interesting and challenging to work on a project involving spatial data.


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