SQLAuthority News – Authors Visit – DelhiBuzz TechEd on July 11, 2009

SQLBuzzDelhi organized TechEd Delhi on July 11, 2009. They even launched an official PASS Chapter in Delhi. The complete report of this event is here. This event like TechEd in Ahmedabad,  was a huge success and saw a huge number of attendees from all over India. Jacob Sebastian and Pinal Dave had presented two solid SQL Sessions and created lots of buzz about Microsoft. The event saw many wonderful speakers.I really appreciate the facility at DelhiBuzz and the amazing crowd brimming with enthusiasm.

I really want to thank two people in particular for making the SQL PASS Delhi a grand success – 1) Surendra Mishra – the Founder and the President of Dot Net  Buzz Delhi and 2) Archna Mishra – President of SQL PASS Delhi. It really interesting to see that Rishu Mehra – UG Lead of Delhi wearing same kind of Polo Shirt as Pinal. I must acknowledge  presence of Ashish Gilhotra who came all the way from Jaipur to attend this event. Hats of to you Ashish for your dedication to community.

Let us go over few interesting details about the event.

  • Pinal Dave inaugurated Delhi PASS chapter.
  • Jacob Sebastian explained about PASS Chapters and its benefits. He gave a memorable welcome note to New PASS chapter leaders and the attendees.
  • Pinal Dave commenced the event with the very first SQL Session of ‘SQL Server Best Practices’.
  • Jacob Sebastian gave a brilliant session on ‘SQL Logical Query Execution and Optimization Tips’
  • Jacob Sebastian gave away his book “The art of XSD” to the best participant of the event.
  • Some of the renowned speakers from all around India were present at the event.
  • There was rock band named ‘Copyright Violators’ and they really rocked the TechEd.
SQL Server Best Practices
Pinla Dave
Pinal Dave Broadcasting Live
Pinal Dave
Pinal Dave
Jacob Sebastian
Surendra Mishra, Jacob, Subodh
Rishu Mehtra, Pinal Dave


Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi Pinal David I would like to suggest you to record all your TechEd/Sql server sessions and upload it on your blog which will definitely usefull for your global audiance.


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