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I am exceedingly impressed and inspired by an on-going series of Big Thinkers by Robert Cain – A SQL Server MVP and a genial, whole-souled person.

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Robert Cain and Pinal Dave

On meeting Robert Cain earlier this year at SQL Server MVP Summit in Seattle I asked him a question – Where do you get so many innovative ideas to write on blog and create presentations? He replied, “I do not try to get ideas, my experience inspires me.”

Well, it is true that Robert has more than 10 years of experience as one of the TOP experts in SQL Server. Unlike most of the SQL Server MVPs his knowledge is not limited to SQL Server; he is well versed in ASP.NET and Business Intelligence (BI) as well. What is really inspiring and great about him is that he has maintained his position as a top technology expert and has used his position to help out others through his comments/answers in various forums.

Before I answer the question what is big thinkers and why Robert is a big thinker, let me tell you when did I last come across his blog. I was looking forward to learn about BI and I searched for the same in the search engine. I found the following article of Robert. I right away downloaded it and read it through and through. Instead of reading my experience about this easy-to-follow and crisp article, I would suggest you all to experience it yourself. Download the PDF from Introduction To Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.

Robert takes personal interest when it comes to advising and playing the role of a mentor to the members of community. He has another very useful presentation available online Careers in SQL Server. Even though you are an experienced user I would still recommend you to go through this PDF to see where you stand in your career and what should be your next step.

As I mentioned earlier, Robert is one of the few experts who can fluently talk on both SQL as well as .NET. He has written a marvelous series on FILESTREAM type and storage of varbinary, which is a complete guide on this subject. I strongly suggest that you give it a look, and I promise that it is an easy read.

I may or may not write another part of this series of Big Thinkers but I salute to a real big thinker Robert Cain!

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Sir careers in sqlserver is really great presentation must read for every body who what enhance their careers in sqlserver.


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